Monday, February 2, 2015

New Wonderland vs. Old Wonderland

It's been a while since I've updated the daily trials at Wonderland. I hope you didn't think things had gotten better.

They have not.

Wonderland was sold. And because I didn't want to lose my insurance and I didn't get that other job I applied for, I stayed. Like a fool, I stayed.

And speaking of benefits, the new owners of Wonderland said, oh, you don't have to worry about a lapse in insurance coverage.


So, while the new Wonderland was taking an insurance premium out of my check. I had no coverage. No. Zip. Nada damn thing.
It took me threatening to go to the state for my insurance cards to magically appear.

There is a new cast of characters at Wonderland and still a revolving door of managers. In the 50 some odd days that the new Wonderland has been around, two managers got fired. Though not the one who should've gone away.
Loud ass Peter Griffin. Nah, this motherfucker got a promotion. Now, Papa Smurf, who came in a the beginning, wasn't much better. He brought in two people that he worked with in another place —like Gargamel's forest or some shit.
He brought Little Miss I Don't Work A Full Shift and Mr. Too Dumb To Breathe.
Mr. Too Dumb To Breathe quit before Papa Smurf got fired. But Little Miss I Don't Work A Full Shift  is still there.
Here are some of the excuses that she's used to get out of work:

  • My Dog died
  • My child has a cheerleading thing
  • I have to fart.
Did I mention that she got a promotion too? And she's always playing the victim and the fucking management team allows her to do it. But she doesn't know a damned thing about the product. And this hooker isn't trying to learn, but she keeps getting handed shit.
The former head white man in charge, Mr. Burns, was fired shortly after Papa Smurf got fired. And things changed. For the worse!
It sucks to work at a job where you know more than the people you work for. I'm really thinking about selling plasma or becoming a pimp.
This is so not working for me!

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